Second Professional Development Event: The Villanova University Business Societies Fair

I really enjoyed attending the Business Societies Fair, as I was looking forward to exploring the various business clubs Villanova has to offer. I had a great time, and I am hoping to get more involved in business outside the classroom at Villanova!


starting early: the Villanova Career Fair


the pavillion was packed.

i walked in to the Villanova Fall 2013 Career Fair on Wednesday, September 11, to see hundreds of companies and recruiters set up at tables that filled the room. i was given a name tag, a bag to put all of the papers and items i would collect in, and a map of where each different company was located. to say the least, it was initially overwhelming. yet as i began to move from table to table, i realized that the recruiters were just ordinary people. they were kind, polite, and they wanted to explain their company to me as much as i wanted to learn about it from them.

the Career Fair is a bi-annual event at Villanova University. it brings hundreds of companies and recruiters to the school, allowing students across all majors to “visit” a company’s that they may be interested in working or in interning for in the future. the event lasts for four hours, from 2 to 6, and gives any and every interested student a chance to meet and network with various firms, small businesses, non-profits, and other companies.

i visited multiple companies’ tables, including ALL4, a local environmental consulting firm, which was very interesting to me as a double-major in business and environmental science. i learned that this firm acts a s a middle-man, interpreting environmental testing results and explaining to businesses what the results mean and their implications for the firm. i also visited Johnson & Johnson’s table, where i was able to speak to one of the recruiters that i met over the summer as a part of the St. Thomas of Villanova Scholars summer program that I attended at the University. i was also able to do this at the Earnsty and Young table, where i was able to speak with recent graduates i had met over the summer about E&Y who i will also get a chance to meet again at a luncheon reception this wednesday.

as an entrepreneur, the part of the Career Fair that impressed and engaged me the most was the entrepreneur section. here, i met and spoke with Tom Costello, the founder of a local Philadelphia-based non-profit called TheJoyofSocks. his program provides socks to those who need them in inner-city Philadelphia. i was very interested and motivated in and by his socially responsible, non-profit business that he established on his own to benefit others.

overall, i considered my trip to the Career Fair a huge success. while i was initially overwhelmed, i am glad that i was able to get a head-start in meeting and talking with representatives from a variety of different types of companies. i was able to learn about potential internship opportunities to participate in in the future, and i was able to gain further knowledge of what jobs and practices interestme the most. this professional development opportunity truly proved beneficial to me, even as a small, freshman business student. i’m just starting the climb early.


and we’re blogging

well hello there.

i’m a bit new to the world of blogging, so let me take a moment to introduce myself. my name is meg, and i’m a freshman honors business and environmental science double-major student at Villanova University. i’m a recent (and shocked) member of the co-ed cheerleading team, on the dining services committee of student government (working my hardest to bring nutella into the spit), and a member of business without borders. i’m a personal business owner at my shop, thecrochetcafe at (check it out!). i’m from lancaster, pa, and i have a younger (and much taller) brother, a barkative shetland sheepdog, and a beta fish affectionately named sheldon. i’m a dreamer, a doer, a vegetarian, a musician, and a believer that everything happens for a purpose as a part of God’s plan.

as i cheer my way up into the world of sustainable business, i’ll be sharing some of my unique experiences in college. so come along for the ride.